What To Do Today Tuesday February 9

Valentine’s Day is just 5 days away!

 Give someone you love a “WORDLE”!  Get started now so it’s ready for your Valentine.


A “Wordle” is a cloud of words generated from the list you supply the program. You choose more than just the words, you choose the color,  font, and format of your Wordle. And, it is your work, you own it. Type in a list of words that describe your special person. When you are done, hit “Go” and your Wordle will appear. If you want one word displayed larger than the others as the Wordle’s focus, just repeat it four or five times while you are typing. This does the trick.  Frame it and wrap it up! Each one of my kids is getting their own.

Tip: Once you “GO” you CANNOT go back and edit your Wordle, it isn’t an option. So be really sure you’ve added all the words you want included. Also, there isn’t a spell check so grab a dictionary.




What To Do Today Monday, February 8

Ahh, Monday again.

Try something different, take a snapshot of your room then go to : 

♥ www.colorjive.com ♥

Here you can use the free program to paint your walls in the virtual world. You choose the colors.

One choice may inspire you to plan a paint party at your home this weekend. The site works just fine when you create a free account. But if you are serious,  you may want to check out their Premium account.  Once that is done, go to the “Color” tab and select “New”. Scroll through the color selections. When you find one you like, click on it. Be sure to drag the new color onto one of the existing color trays for the new color to work. It is great to try different colors and see them in your real space. You never choose a wrong color!  Wish I could really just click a button rather than use a brush to paint every room!

Tip: There are rooms on the site to choose from if you don’t have a photo of your own to upload.

What To Do Today Sunday February 7

It’s Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Before the game visit:


This site offers a sneak preview of commercials that will run during the Super Bowl.  Have your crew vote which one will be the Top commercial of the 2010 Super Bowl. After the game,  enter your choice in the NFL Fanhouse poll by visiting:   


 Even if you aren’t enamored by “The Big Game”, the previews of the commercials are great fun! 

So start the appetizers early and make this unofficial American holiday,  an ALL DAY EVENT!   

What To Do Today Saturday February 6

Dare People to Build A Bigger Snowman than you. Click below to visit:


At Bragster, you can “DARE” others to try to do something better, longer, sillier, etc… than you have done yourself. You can send a “Dare” to a friend through email to complete.  OR, you can just simply “BRAG” about something you have done yourself and share it for others to see.  

 For today’s What To Do Idea…Take a video or picture of your BIGGEST SNOWMAN then “Brag” about it or “Dare” viewers to compete against you.  Upload your video/picture to the site, then viewers get to vote among the entries that accept your Dare to decide on the winner. Bragster has made it easy to do. Winner gets “Bragging Rights”. Would you believe there are Bragster Teams with rankings that compete for bragging rights?

If you don’t have the energy or the snow to Create a “Biggest Snowman” Dare, try another Dare already started on the site.

Tip: Don’t let the kids go on Bragster by themselves. It’s not overrun with adult language/content, though a separate “PG 13” version for Family Fun without the rated “R” risk would be useful. Still much fun and worth it.



What To Do Today Friday February 5


♥For us East Coasters, tonight is probably best spent… AT HOME!♥

  Don’t shovel just yet!

(Your Friday night Snowless?)

(There’s something for you below. It’s a small way you can share in the Nor’easter. Wouldn’t want to leave you without something to do! )


For a super snow event, bundle up and venture out into the neighborhood with family and friends.  Combine a warm summer night game with winter chill reality for great fun ! Get the flashlights out and have a huge game of “Flashlight Tag” in the storm. Yes, I mean kids AND adults. Hot chocolate for everyone ( not just the winner!) when you’re too frozen to go on….

For those of you enjoying a Friday night without SNOW…..go to: 


Here you will find a live view of The Wildwood Boardwalk at The New Jersey shore! It’s their 24 hour webcam.

Check out if anyone is there,  having fun posing for pictures in the midst of a BLIZZARD!  More links to inspiring webcam views from around the world, coming soon…

What To Do Today Thursday February 4

This is A Keeper!

♥  www.Goby.com

Looking for something to do locally this weekend or anytime? Trying to find an event or attraction near where you are staying? Goby can help you find it.

This is a relatively new SEARCH ENGINE exclusively for activities and events.  The Home page asks you to answer three questions, “What do you want to do?”, “Where?”, and “When?”. From there it generates a list of places and activities for you to choose from. It comes up with more than just the well-known activities but some little known and even completely unheard of events, too.


Well worth the space it will take up in your FAVORITES.

Tip: I’ve heard of, though not experienced,  a slight glitch or two with GOBY.  But my opinion is….the review sounded a little “ fishy”!  This site is still just a baby. It’s potential is just too great not to focus on the positive!


What To Do Today Wednesday February 3

Start Thinking About This As A Vacation Idea:

A Family Volunteer Vacation

Find out about volunteer opportunities geared toward your entire family’s participation. The plus is, it is a vacation that gives to others while still offering great vacation locations and experiences for your crew!

These vacations are set all over the world but numerous volunteer opportunities are right in your backyard! Go to the,  “Be A Volunteer” link where you will see an option for “Finding a local opportunity”.

Take the time to search through this site. There is a lot to look at and think about. There are more than just Family Volunteer Vacations here, so if your focus is a Volunteer Vacation, make sure that is what you are looking at.

Tip: Grant money may be available for volunteering. Don’t forget to explore this along with the vacations. Any bookstore has books available for both of these purposes.